Thursday, May 22, 2014


We set off from Peoria, Illinois, Mid West on Thursday, 24th May 2014 in the morning and was dropped at Bloomington station by Raghu on his way to office at Morton. The uptown station at Bloomington was neat and elegant, only few passengers waiting in the lounge. Few minutes before the train was to arrive, people assembled on the platform.... no rush, no pushing.....
waiting at Bloomington railway station
The train AMTRAK came, few minutes.... we were on the train, lots of comfortable seats..... we were the only Indian looking people.....  It was not a fast train..... reached Chicago Union station around 12.30pm
The Union Station Chicago, is a busy railway station, lots of incoming and outgoing inter-state trains.
As our destination was Midway airport, I inquired about reaching there at the information desk. A fat, bulky, American black guy, came out from his seat.....and said showing to the exit.....
" you people exit from the door, on to the street, walk four or five blocks across the bridge on the Chicago river.... you will reach Quincy Jackson Metro station..... get on the stairs, buy a ticket to Midway.... and then you will reach there..."
on the way to Jackson station
So, we started walking on the street in the cold blowing wind ..... and reached the station, went up on the station.... had to buy the tickets, from a machine,  as no ticket counter.... somehow with little confusion managed to get two tickets to Midway, got into the platform, when the train came.... we were on our way to Midway Airport......
in the train
We reached there by 3pm and had to waited for Frontier flight to Wilmington till 6pm
After the security and check in formalities, we were off and reached Wilmington at 7.30pm. It is small airport. Harsha was waiting with an engaged taxi, and went to his house at Delaware by 8.30pm.... His wife, Shwetha had some food cooked, ate and slept.....
written Thursday, 22nd May 2014

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