Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It's Tuesday, May 6, our East Coast tour ends with two days of seeing around in Manhattan, New York city. We packed our touring bags, had a good breakfast at Kedilaya's house and left there at 8.30 in the morning. The destination was Wilmington Airport at Delaware to catch a flight to Chicago at 6 pm.
Waited for the bus at Flushing Meadows, when it came we boarded and reaching Flushing Subway.
From there we got into our familiar No.7 train to 42nd Street Times square. We had to proceed from there to New York Penn station. We got into one E-train downtown, which was not going to Penn, got down at the next station, bought another ticket, got into another Q-train, reached Penn station.
The next destination was Trenton Transit centre, on  a NJ Transit train. Two tickets cost  $15 paid at the counter, waited for a while for 12.09 train track 6.

It took about an hour and half to reach Trenton, passing through woods, Edison, New Brunswich .
It was 1.30pm when we reached Trenton. The next destination is Wilmington, now train is on SEPTA rail. New tickets costing $16 for 2 was purchased at the ticket counter, and asked what time the next train leaves. She said ..... in another 2 minutes from track 4.......
We ran with out towing bags down the escalator to track 4, where the train waiting " as if for us".
Another journey of 45 minutes, when we reached 30th Street station. Here we had change track and go in another train. So we got into another platform only to find out the next train leaves after 35 minutes. So it was breathing time, and we had subway for lunch, and waited.
Yes.... the was ready at 3.21pm and we boarded the train which was stopping every 5 minutes for stations and finally we reached Wilmington station at 4.05pm. Harsha was waiting as I told him we were coming there to go airport.
The next journey to the bus stop, walked along the streets in the city, a little distance crossing couple of streets and waited for the bus to airport. After few minutes, bus came we along with Harsha got into the bus, which took to airport at 4.45pm
That was a fantastic experience..... people asked...why did you travel like that... well, for fun, for exploring........... we had coffee with Harsha, spent some time.

We checked in for the flight, the stupid lady asking for $50 for two bags, as there were bulky. However, we removed some stuff from one bag, and had to pay $25.
The Frontier flight took of at 6.15 pm and reached Chicago Midway airport 7.45 and local time 8.45pm.
Somshekhar was at the airport, went along with him in the Chicago Metro (CTA) to Cumberland from there to his house in the car, at 10.30pm for night's stay.
Had dinner, spent some time talking and off to bed.
The day well spent..... exploring and travelling.....
Written Tuesday, 27th May 2014 at Peoria.

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