Thursday, May 22, 2014


on the way from train
It was Friday, 25th April,,,,,, our next destination was Edison in New Jersey....... a distance of more thank 100 miles...... with complex mode of transportation available choosing the the budget and easy mode was required. Whole morning was utilized in searching and inquiring the best possible solution.
at Allendale Drive, Delaware
Harsha's wife Shwetha prepared nice dosa for morning breakfast and after lunch, at 1 pm,  we set out to reach Edison somehow......   took our two pulling bags and reached the road and waited for the local city bus to go to Wilmington rail station. Harsha was there...... waited for an hour and finally bus came and half an hour's time reached the station. Inquired about the Amtrak rail to Trenton...... the lady said it would cost $79 for each ticket. Alternatively we could go on SEPTA, another regional rail system up to Trenton Transit Centre and take another rail to Edison. and the ticket cost was just $8.50 for each ticket.
with Shwetha......
So I purchased the tickets and train was there..... said bye to Harsha and we were on the move. After 45 minutes, we reached 30th Street station, we had to get down, go to another track and the next train was also easily available, The next journey was about an hour, when we reached Trenton city.
residential quarters
We were out from SEPTA rail and looked for NJ TRANSIT ticket counter purchased two tickets costing $9 each. to reach Edison. The train was available after 5 minutes, a double dekkar train, we boarded and reached after an hour at 5 pm to Edison station.  Nice place outside the station, waited for 5-10 minutes, our host Nagalakshmi Nagaraj came in her car and took us to their residence, where we stayed.
with Vidya Rao & family
Later after 8 pm we visited one Ms Vidya Rao in North Brunswich. She was mom blog ADIGE follower and FB friend, delivered a baby a month earlier and her parents were there from Bangalore.
After spending an hour we were back to Nagalakshmi house, had dinner and rested with a sense of achievement.
written Thursday, 22nd May 2014 

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