Friday, May 23, 2014


Balaji Temple at Bridgewater, NJ
It was Sunday, 27th April..... Our host Nagalakshmi Nagaraj was very enthusiastic to show us more temples around New Jersey and we were always ready and supportive.
First was the visit to Balaji temple at Bridgewater, NJ and the place is beautiful, elegant and lots of people visit the shrine. Inside the temple, very spacious, neat and clean.
Diamonds and stones outlet
We had the darshan of the dieties and left from the place for little shopping at ABSON, stones and diamonds shop.
Guruvayoorappan Temple at Morgan Ville, NJ
Back to the house, had lunch and again set out visit another temple at Morgan Ville, NJ. This time it is SHRI GURUVAYOORAPPAN TEMPLE, This is another immaculate, beautiful and more than elegant. The exterior of the temple is fantastic and interiors is simply marvelous. The people who built this temple have real taste for finest details and is well maintained.
with Deepthi Family....
After the visit of the shrine, we also met a relation, Deepthi's family from Jercy City.
After chatting with them some time we headed back to Edison, a distance of 20 miles.
written on Friday, 23 May 2014


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