Friday, May 23, 2014


We are on the third day of the tour and checked out from the hotel at 8 am all were taken to Niagara Fort on the bank of lake Ontario.
Fort Niagara is a fortification originally built to protect the interests of New France in North America. It is located near  Youngstown, New York, on the eastern bank of the Niagara River at its mouth, on Lake OntarioThe fort played a significant part in the French and Indian War, and fell to the British in a nineteen day siege in July 1759, called the Battle of Fort Niagara.
After visiting the place for an hour in cold wind and rain, clicking photos, we returned to Niagara Falls are to see the day view and also from the viewers gallery. The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is more developed for tourist attractions with hotels,casinos and malls. The American side of Niagara has been kept as a park and free place.
We also witnessed a 30 min IMAX show a theater about the stories of Niagara Falls.
It was lunch time by then and we ate in an Indian Restaurant, some vegetarian stuff and we left the place to Niagara Outlet Mall by 2.30pm.for shopping.
It was not until 6.00 pm and after having dinner, we left the place and after a drive of one hour, we reached Holiday Inn International Hotel at Rochester. It was a nice hotel with all facilities in the room and we could retire for the day comfortably.
written Friday, 23 pm 4.45 pm

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