Thursday, May 29, 2014


It's Sunday, May 11...... Anu and Vishwa had some plans for  us to go out....... After morning bath and breakfast, we set out to Hindu Temple at Malibu area, Los Angeles,
Hindu Temple
Malibu Hindu Temple, a temple of the Hindu God Sri Venkateswara, built in 1981, is located in the city of Calabasas near Malibu, California in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is owned and operated by the Hindu Temple Society of Southern California. Built in the traditional South Indian style, it is frequented by followers of Hinduism in Southern California.
Lord Venkateshwara and Shiva Temple
at the entrance of the temple
The Hindu temple has two complexes – the upper complex with Lord Venkateswara as the presiding deity and the lower complex with Lord Shiva as the presiding deity. In addition to the presiding deity, both complexes have shrines for other deities.
beautiful view of Malibu Beach
at the beach.....
It's about an hour's drive from the apartment. After visiting the shrines, we had meals at the temple, packed puliogare and mosaranna.
waiting for the prey..
From there we left for Malibu beach, drive of another hour on the mountainous view of Santa Monica and Beverly hills of Los Angeles.
The beach was very windy, waters was on high tide, spent sometime walking around, playing, clicking photos and we were on our way back to the apartment, more than an hour and half drive in the city.
The day spent nicely visiting around.....
written, Friday 30th May 2014, Bengaluru.

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