Friday, May 23, 2014


Sri Krishna Vrindavan, Puttige Mutt, Edison NJ
It was Saturday, 26th April, incidentally happened to be KRISHNA DWADASHI, 12th day of krishna paksha, auspicious day.... Nagalakshmi, devotee of puttige mutt at Edison mentioned about this and we were ready at 5.00am in the morning to go to Shri Krishna Vrindavan, at Edison, a temple established by Sri Sugunendra Thirtha Swamiji of Udupi Puttige mutt in 2002.
A church building was converted into hindu worshipping place, a nice building and the surroundings. We were at the temple at 5.30 in the morning and witnessed the pooja, mangalathi and thirtha prasada.
Afterwords, there was a nice dwadashi oota (breakfast/lunch) and the hall with payasa and sweets. at 7.30 am. That was a rare opportunity for us witness an occasion like that,
Hidden Grounds, New Brunswich, NJ
Later, we were at HIDDEN GROUNDS, at New Brunswich coffee shop of Spoorthi Kumar, owner, surprised her with sudden visit. It was a pleasant surprise for her too.
Sri Sringeri Mutt, Staoutsnerg, Pennysylvania
Later, we proceeded to another temple, a distance of 100 miles from Edison with Nagalakshmi and Akshatha, d/o Janardhan, one time close family friend. The temple was established long ago by Sringeri Mutt at Stroutsberg, at Pennysylvania, in the woods of the county, beautiful landscape. The new temple is even bigger and beautiful, we had the darshan of Sharadamba and also as food as prasadam.  The drive back was nice with Akshatha at the wheels and reached back again to New Brunswich.
Mythri Sisters, Sporthi & Varsha
Usha-Suresh's daughters, Mythri, Spoorthi and Varsha were all together, purely by coincidence and we two were with them.
at the Princeton University Campus
We visited their apartment, went round Princeton University campus, had dinner together at Guru Prasad Hotel, had good time. Later we were dropped back at Edison.
written Friday, 23 May 2014 at Peoria

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