Sunday, May 25, 2014


Cruise trip
After checking out from Holiday Inn, Rochester at 8 am, we proceeded towards Thousand Islands, a drive of 2 hours after having breakfast.
Castle on the Island
A cruise trip with a guide was available at 11am at Thousand Islands and all tourists boarded the cruise and it was viewing different tiny tiny islands with houses, mansions and dwelling places at various islands.
Another mansion
Though the property owned by rich individuals, some living and others dead and gone.
In the island woods
The cruise also crossed into Canadian waters at one point and returned to dock after about 80 minutes. It is believed that there are about 1890 islands, though it is called thousand islands.
Amazing view of the mansion
Leaving from there, last leg of the journey, headed back towards New Jersey and New York and stopped over at Syracuse for lunch. We had  to be satisfied with pizza at a papa John outlet.
The bus had a flat tyre, we had to wait around for an hour to repair.
with Aiyer family
We reached Parsippany at New Jersey at 7.30 pm. Just when we got down from the bus, B K Nagaraj with Supritha were just arriving to pick us. The timing was perfect and it was just co-incidental.
with another Indian family
Supritha was on wheels, drove back to Edison, a distance of 40 miles, reached Nagaraj home by 8.30 pm.
Chatting with Nagaraj, Nostalgia of Dubai Days...... dinner and tour completed successfully

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