Monday, May 26, 2014


with B K Nagaraj & Nagalakshmi
It was Friday, 2nd May 2014..... we had just finished our excellent tour to East Coast last night, though we missed some of attractions like "Maid of mist", Cave of Winds" due to bad weather, we fully enjoyed the tour. The guide Holly was good giving lot of explanation, updating our program, taking photos etc.
Leaving from Edison Mew Jersey
Our next destination is to travel to New York, the famous city in the world. Our good host Mr B K Nagaraj dropped us at Edison Railway Station, we were on the train to New York Penn station. It was about one hour ride ($3 per ticket) and we reached Penn station by 12 noon and walked to New York Subway, a very complicated system (for a newcomer) of underground transport system
We were to take E-train to Union turnpike, due to derailment somewhere, those trains were cancelled and we had to find an alternative. Q train, S train..... Uptown.... downtown..... it's a maze. The announcements were not clear.  Finally we were on the 7-train going to Flushing (Queens) and reached by 2,30 pm. When we were out from subway..... we could see the full china town, chinese settlements, shops, restaurants.....
with Sudha Vadeesh
Our host Sudha Vadeesh (B P Kedilaya's daughter), came to Flushing and took us to their residence.... a nice big house with basement and first floor.
We relaxed for the day, chatted had dinner and retired for the day.
Written Monday, 26th May 2014 at Peoria

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