Monday, November 24, 2014


Dr S L Bhyrappa
Facebook group  Dr S L Bhyrappa Kadambari Priyara Koota has organized an informal meet with Author, Saraswathi Samman award winner Dr S L Bhyrappa, 83 yrs on Sunday 10.30am,  November 23, 2014 at NIE, Radhakrishnam Hall, Mysuru. The event was organized by Smt Anuradha Udayashankar and Mr Udayashankar and the NIE Principal, Professor Shekhar himself has taken the initiative,
There were about 100 participants (abhimanigalu) from all over Karnataka, who have read Bhyrappa's all novels not once, several times. It;s the respect and honour for a great author, who captivates you through his wild imagination in all the novels.
His book AAVARANA created lot of contraversy when it was released, since it was hurting hindu and muslim feelings.
His latest novel YAANA, which was released recently, seen several reprints within few days,
At the informal meet at NIE, there were formalities, questions were asked to write on a piece of paper and submitted before the meet began. There were quite a number of questions. Dr SLB was picking up one questions at a time and answering them in his own style,  his vast knowledge and depth of matter is evident from his replies.
Are you biliever or non-biliever in God....... was one of the questions asked......  His reply came from the birth of universe, big bang theory, space and time, and beyond. The supreme power which controls the universe......
There were other questions like..... what is your next book and its theme, could you write a novel on the theme TERRORISM, etc..and about some characetrs in his novels SAARTHA, NAAYI NERALU, PARVA, VASMSHA VRUKSHA......
with Udayashankar, Mrs Anuradha Udayashankar
Though he was keeping well with fever, cough..... he stayed on for more than three hours. There was photo session and autographing of his books didn't take place as he was not fully fit.
However, the meet was quite pleasant, appreciative of a genius writer......
written tuesday, 25th November 2014

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