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Sunday November 9, 2014, 7.30pm, KH Kala Soudha, Hanumantha Nagara, Bengaluru.
A drama can be so effectively presented ,,,, I have seen it only yesterday.......
with Sethuram
Only two characters...... an old man in his eighties, suffering from prostrate cancer and his unmarried grand daughter of 28 yrs.
It's S R Sethuram, the old man and Deepa as grand daughter. The story explores changes in the mindset in the sixty years since independence and its eventual effect on the day-to-day society life and family structures.
The drama starts with the grand daughter knocking the old man's room with food box, and the story reveals.....
The story of the old man in his young age, his mother, and his ferocious father, who used to make him to urinate in his shorts. Mother terribly scared of her husband, had daughters and a son.  When he got married, he had two sons and daughters. The wife tired of ferocious husband, commits suicide
Review of the drama

The daughter of the eldest son, Deepa narrates her story so effectively that one has to completely sympathize with her. The younger son of the old man uses her for his pleasure since she was 13 years and it is continuing till now, which is shown with the phone calls.Deepa shows anger, frustration, apathy, hatred,helplessness......she cries, weeps, shouts at the world..... why... why....  she being used by not an unknown, but by chikkappa only..... known person....PARICHITA.....The old man lives alone. He says he watches a visitor coming to his house in his absence..... sees the motor bike, door closed, sits in the park bench and waits..... frustrated..........In the end the old man sits on the easy chair, breathes his last.
The grand daughter calls the chikkappa, father's brother and says he is gone.
The drama does not contain any stage setting, costumes, change of dress, music or dance.
But it had all the expressions...... sadness, misery, anger, frustration, social evils, and helplessness.........
Powerful dialogues and presentation..... leave a lasting impression on the audience.
GATI is realistic play based on the realistic social issues.

S R Sethuram, who directed TV Serial MANTHANA, is a brilliant, story writer, director and actor..
written on Tuesday 11 November 2014

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