Tuesday, November 11, 2014


We attended a program  HAASYA MELA '14....."WHY RATION FOR LAUGHTER??"......        at RV Dental College, J P Nagar, Bengaluru on Sunday 9th November 2014. Though it was a whole day program from morning, we attended only a small session in the evening.
There were people who give regular program in TV, and other functions. Pranesh Gangavathi, Mahamani, Gundu Rao, Master Hirannayya among others who can give humorous talk on various topic, make people to laugh and enjoy. It may be a simple common sense, sarcastic, teasing..... but with a message. Pranesh talks beautifully about the Kannada Language, using them and teaching them, He talks about people sending their children to english medium school and give lecture on using kannada.
How we Kannadigas are so considerate, we try and speak Tamil, Malyalam or Telugu for peole from Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra instead of teaching them Kannada in Bengaluru.Children should not be bookworm, must have knowledge of surroundings, culture and tradition.
Some people were honoured on stage and there was also a humorous play on the stage, DAANA PATRA....
It was a good program to attend and spend sometime.
written Wednesday, 12th Nov.2014 

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