Monday, December 22, 2014


It is quite some time that we performed Sri Satyanarayana Pooja at home. Some time back when I was talking to Shubha in US about having pooja when they are on holidays in December, she suggested that they will arrive on 21st Dec. Sunday, and the same day it could be performed. So the date was confirmed.

All preparations were made and about 90 people were invited, mostly relatives and a few friends. For grand lunch preparation, Satyanarayana Navuda was given charge and Ganapathi Bhat from Subramanya Temple was requested to perform the pooja,
Pooja started at 10.30 am, invitees started arriving  amd Mangalarathi was performed at 12.00 noon and thirtha, Prasada was given to all.

Lunch began for first round at 12.45pm, with 30 people accomodating. .... Holige, Hayagriva and Musore paak were the sweets.
Grand lunch was served for second and third round and eventually  it was over by 3.00pm
Guests left and close relations Ravi-Vidya, Nagaveni, Nagaraj & Shantala also left by 5.30pm.
It was good function and there were lot of invisible blessings of Lord Satyanarayana was there on all who attended.
written Tuesday, 23rd Dec. 2014

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