Thursday, December 11, 2014


BHEL BAR - It is Hotelier P Sadananda Maiya's newest product in the market. Launching of Bhel bar was done on 6th December 2014 at H N Kalakeshtra, National College, Jayanagara, Bengaluru.
The launching was done by famous cricketers Anil Kumble and Javgal Srinath. Kannada Prabha editor, Vishwshwara Bhat was there, with usual style of speech for the occasion.
with Javgal Srinath

with Vishweshwara Bhat
Sadananda Maiya narrated the story and the research behind the product = BHEL BAR, which is bhel puri made in the form of a bar and a good wrapper, and people can use and enjoy like any other bars like kit-kat or chocolate bars. Maiya is the leader in hotel industry and innovation.
The launching was done after the Yakshbagana Presentation at the same hall.
written on Friday 12th Dec. 2014 , 6.15am

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