Thursday, December 11, 2014


It's 2nd December 2014, UAE 43th National Day, holidays for private and public sectors. UAE Brahmana Samaja, Dubai came into existence at the national park Sharjah on 2nd December 2003. Hence it has become a day in the calendar of events of the Samaja.
Every year, 2nd December is the  day for Annual Picnic and family get-together with fun games, talent exhibition, clouring/drawing competition for children,  bingo, food and fellowship. The whole day is spent nicely in a park with activities planned for all age groups, prizes given away.

This year, fortunately we were present for DASHAMANOTSAVA celebrations on 28th Nov. and we extended our stay for few days and joined event for the picnic at Mushriff Park.

There were about 15 families.... Sudhaker Pejavers, Sudhakar Kandiga, Shivarams Bhats, Rajeshwara Hollas, Krishnaraja Tantry, Manohar Raos, Sarvajna Moorthys, Madhsudan Talitayas, Surya Lakshmi, and many more.....
There was dodge ball game, nice food, anthyakshari games, and fun.....
Returned to Sudhaker Pejavars by 6 pm
written Dec12, 2014

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