Thursday, December 11, 2014


Prasanna Bhat is the grand son of my sister, Bhagirathi (Baabi). His wedding took place on 10th December 2014 at Maha Ganapathi Temple Sabha Bhavan, Thrasi, near Kundapura.

Elder son of Jayalakshmi and Krishnamoorthy Bhat, Prasanna is a known boy from his young age.  So it was necessary to visit ooru and attend his wedding. Took night bus of Durgamba Multi axle, reached Udayavara 6.45am had breakfast, took Sujatha's car and went to Salekeri Birthi. Took bath and performed pooja at the ancestral house of birthi, as I feel the need for it whenever I am in ooru on a visit.
Dinesha and Nagaraj were also in Achi mane, I joined them to go to the wedding at Thrasi, reached there by 10.45am.and had another round of breakfast.
Wedding formalities, grand lunch followed and usual fellowship of meeting relatives..... Returned to achi mane at 4 pm, after having coffee at Matap, Saligrama. Returned the car at 5.30pm at Udyavara after a visit to Prabhakara Upadhya, spoke his wife Arundathi,  Went to Achi Mane again with Sriram Madhyastha in his car, for a small get-together, and left for Bengaluru by Durgamaba Bus at 8.30pm from Uppinakote.
Reached Bengaluru Birthi Mane at 6 am

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