Saturday, December 6, 2014


It was on the invitation of UAE Brahmana Samaja, Dubai, we had a chance to visit Dubai for five days. Thanks to Sudhaker Rao Pejavar and committee of DBS.
Day 1: Friday, 28th Nov. 2014: We left early morning 1.00am and was dropped to Kempe Gowda International Airport, Bengaluru, by Rishikanth, Checked in for Air Arabia flight to Sharjah, leaving at 3.30am. After the immigration and security formalities,the flight was delayed by an hour and left at 4.20am.... After 15 min of air born, pilot announced that the flight is returning to Bengaluru, as the plane has been hit by a bird and plane may be damaged. The flight landed back safely at the runway, parked it aside. After the inspection, we were informed that the damage is a major one and can leave only after repairs, which may take till evening.


We collected our luggage, cancelled the immigration exit, not interested to leave in the evening. Called up Manohar Rao in Dubai and requested whether he can arrange for fresh ticket by Emirates flight leaving at 10.30am. Within half an hour, ticket was confirmed and OK ticket came in the mobile through Whatsap message. We were lucky, left by Emirates at 10.30am, reached Dubai at 1.00pm. Cleared from immigration, Madhusudhan Talitaya was at the airport to take us. Went to Ananth Tantry's house, freshened up, changed dress and reached the venue of DASHAMANOYSAVA, The Millennium School, Dubai at 2.30pm joined the people for lunch.
We were the guest of honour at the afternoon program, felicitations, cultural fiesta, Yakshagana and light dinner. Stayed at Madhusudha-Pushpa residence at 24th level of their apartment in Sheikh Zayed Road and had a good rest.
at the Royal Garden Restaurant
Day 2, Saturday, 29th Nov, 2014: We had a good breakfast at Pushpa's, Ramachandra Udupa family came for visit. We all went to Royal Garden Restaurant at Karama for lunch. Sudhaker-Latha joined us for lunch.
with Usha Shankar
Took Madhu's car and went to Dentist at Burdubai, visited temple. We also visited Usha Shankars at Karama, an old friend and well wisher Sundaresan's daughter and then reached Rajeshwar Holla's residence at Sharjah and stayed for the night.
Day 3, Sunday 30th Nov. 2014: Morning after breakfast left alone by car, went round Al Nahda, former residence and reached Our Own High School at Al Warqa,at 10.30am after missing the exit 55 at Emirates Road. However, it was nostaligia of former days of going to school as a supervisor.
The ladies had a get-together at Latha Holla's house and enjoyed.

Met the Principal, Mr Sanjeev Jolly, Nancy, Pama and Akhyar Ahmad and most of the teachers and supervisors. Also met Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Shanta, Bindu, Wallace, Neelima Nanda and Sudha.....

Teachers all were surprised and happy to see..... Sreejaya, Ajitha, Geetha, Prema, Sudha, Brigitte, Rekha, Sadia, Khabir, Tariq, Majid, Osama, Zakir, Hemanth, and so many others. Good times remembering those days.....  Same dialogue..... we all miss you Sir.....
Returned to Sharjah by 3.00pm and had lunch.....
Evening was visit to Kiran Holla and the new arrival in the family..... and then to Prakash Upadhya's house, and also visit to Prema Lohit residence at Al khan....
Returned to Holla's house for night stay.... Day well spent, driving around.....
Day 4, Monday 1st December 2014: After breakfast, visit to Lakshmi Surya house for second breakfast, then to Monohar Hegde house in Sharjah for a visit. Proceeded to Dubai, visit to Dentist again and then to Sudhaker Pejavars house for lunch and stay,
Evening went around with Latha Sudhaker Pejavar to the Dubai's newest attraction.... JBR, Jumeirah beach residence, WALK THE WALK along the beach.....
with Sudhakar Shetty family
Back to Karma centre for little shopping and then drove to Sudhakar Shetty house at Ghusais for a visit and then to Kamat's for dinner. Returned to Sudhaker Pejavar house for night stay.
Day 5, Tuesday 2nd December 2014: It's UAE National Day today.... as in the previous years, the day used to be for Brahmana Samaja;s Annual Picnic..... So friends have planned for a picnic at Mushrif Park, Dubai and reached there with Sudhakers by 11.30 am.
There were some fun games, dodge ball, nice picnic lunch and Anthyakshari.....  time spent nicely....
Returned to Sudhakers apartment in Burdubai at 21st floor, watched National day fireworks from the balcony......
Watching fireworks from the balcony
Then again to karma Centre, ate Dosa at Dosa Plaza and returned home for night's rest at Sudhakers.
Day 6: Wednesday 3rd December 2014: Morning after bath, reached Madhu's house with the car, at 8am returned the car, had nice breakfast at Pushpa and got ready to go to Airport, for Emirates flight departing at 1.30pm. Sharmila & Om, Dinesh's wife and son were also traveling in the same flight, we could go to Dubai airport with them.
Checked in with whatsap tickets, gone through the immigration and security formalities and flight left on time. Reached Bengaluru Airport at 6.45pm, local time. Cleared from immigration and customs easily, could get a ride in Harish Upadhya's  SUV car as Shami's mother, Kalpana had come to pick them at the airport, and were home "Birhi Mane" at 8pm, thus ending a short visit to UAE.
written Saturday6th December 2014

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