Saturday, January 10, 2015


The Anegudde Vinayaka Temple situated on the hill, attracts a large number of pilgrims. Important new activities in the area are started after a worship of this deity.
That was Thursday afternoon New Year First January of 2015, we were in Birthi, Salekeri. The place is about 20 km and visited the temple in the evning and got Lord Vinayaka's blessings. On our way back, we visited Sumangali-Sudhakars at Parampalli, Saligrama and returned home.
Kumbhashi, about nine kms to the south of Kundapur, is famous for its two Temples, namely, Mahalingeshwara and Anegudde Vinayaka. The name of the place is said to be derived from Kumbhasura who was slain here. Inscriptions mention this place as Kumbha-Kashi. It is one of the seven places of pilgrimage in the region called "Parashurama Srishti" or the creation of Saint Parashurama. Anegudde means elephant (Aane) hillock (Gudde) and it is the abode of the elephant god, Sri Vinayaka.
The main sanctum sanctorum contains the majestic figure of Vinayaka resplendent in silver Armour, in standing posture. Of the four arms two are "varada hasta" indicating his inclination to grant boons. Two hands point to his feet, as a means to salvation. The Vinayaka here is said to be a swayambhu (emerged by himself) who manifested in Dwapara Yuga. What is striking is the very large head of the God with huge ears.
written on Sunday 11 January 2015

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