Sunday, January 25, 2015


Kalagangotri puts up a Kannada play Mandra at Rangashankara, Bangalore. Directed by B V Rajaram, Mandra is the troupe Kalagangotri's popular production. The talented crop of actors take you to a world of theatre to let you get in touch with Kannada dramatics in all its glory.
Dr S L Bhyrappa's celebrated novel "MANDRA" is staged as drama, which was presented at Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar, Bengaluru on Saturday, 24th January 2015, at 7.30pm. The play was for 2hr 40 min, and the packed audience at Ranga Shankara stay put on their seats without moving, and there was no interval. The play was very absorbing and most of the people who read the book, was simply enjoying and more than a pleasure watching the best of S L Bhyrappa's dialogues and thoughts put into effective presentation.
The novel was adapted to theatre by Korgi S N Upadhyaya and was directed by Dr. B. V. Rajaram. Mr Korgi himself acted as main narrator throughout the play effectively presenting himself as Pandit Mohanlal, hero of the drama.
Mohanlal, vocalist and musician, achieved his heights through hard work and perseverence and dedication for years. The only weakness of Pandit Mohanlal was woman......
The play starts with Mohanlal's last program at Mumbai, when the audience shouting at him for not starting the program on time and himself leaving the stage without singing. Then the flash back starts revealing his life at various stages, with different people acting as Mohanlal..... Though he is married to Ramkumari, other women in his life..... Chunni, Champa, Madhumitha, Dancer and Lawren Smith (Bhopali) ...... all was through effective dialogues and acting and then leaving it to the imagination of audience......... His concerts were housefull all over Delhi, Mumbai, nagpur, Varanasi and ...... at different places in United States of America.....
The question remained till the end, whether the Art and the artist's private life could remain separated...... whether artist can achieve greater heights without his private life and his sexual desires......remain unfulfilled......
written Monday 26th January 2015