Saturday, January 3, 2015


On the initiative of Shobha D/o Leela Somayaji, Durga Homa was decided to perform at Birthi, Salekeri on Saturday, 27th December 2014. Purohit Raghav Bhat and his team came at 8.30am prepared for homa and drew the necessary MANDALA, 

Sankalpa and pooja started at 10.30am and continued till 12.30pm, lot of smoke due various offerings to Goddess  Durga.
Mangalarathi and Poornahuthi was performed at 12.30pm, after which thirtha prasada was given to all who were invited and present.
Grand lunch was served by the caterers and 85 people were present for oota.   

This homa is done for goddess Mother Durga It’s for getting” Fame and Mother Durga’s” blessings. Its also done for shathru samhara we have 6 types of enimies in our mind calld Kama, krodha,lobha, moha, mada, matsarya. it helps to controll it and it protect us from out side enemies. vidhya vruddhi (improvement in studies),  improvement in business and to win the court cases etc,. Procedure: Three materials  Bhilva Samithu, Gudannam (Jaggery Porridge) and Ajya (ghee) are offered in the homa. Pancha Durga mantra, durga moolamantra,  Durga Sooktha is recited during the homa.The pooja is done using “Durga yanthra”(mandla) and Kalasha. end of the homa danas given.
written Sunday, 4th Jan. 2015

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  1. nice post! seeing this post I remembered my past travel experience with my parents to kolkatta during navarathri festival we offer our prayers to maa durga by chanting durga mantra so as to seek her blessings.