Tuesday, January 20, 2015


After 15 years of pause, Dr. Kota Shivarama Karanth's Yakshagana Ballet "PANCHAVATI" was performed at TaralaBalu Centre, R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru on 18th January 2015 at 7.00pm The program was presented on the occasion of SHIVARAMA KARANTH VEDIKE's 22nd Anniversary, by the Karnataka Kaladarshini's artists.

Karanth’s study centre is into serious work for reviving the art and works of the Yakshagana expert, who spent his entire life on propagating the art form. The Shivaram Karanth Research and Study Centre is now led by Malini Mallya as Director, who was the old-age assistant and secretary to Karanth in his last years. His creative mind saw him gradually bring in the Yakshagana Ballet, pioneering a new choreography and music that almost reformed the dance form to become popular, globally.
While the violin replaced the harmonium to convey pathos, the inclusion of Sax helped the energetic and dynamic moves of dancers get more attention.
The team giving the background score was led by Bhavagatharu Sudhir Rao Kodavooru.
The score tunefully explained the thoughts for taking the audience across the art form.
The background team too added to the majesty required for the dance with instruments such as maddale, chande, violin and saxophone to bring out the grandeur. 

All the artists performed brilliantly and made the story from Ramayana, JATAYU MOKSHA, an epic presentation.
Mr P.C. Chadaga, President of the Sivarama Karanth Vedike was man behind the initiative, thanked the artists.
written Tuesday 20 January 2015

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