Friday, January 16, 2015


Thursday 15th January 2015, being holiday for MAKARA SANKRANTHI, decided to go to the nearby place, Devanahalli, 25 km from here. Mom, Rishi and Dr. Smitha (Sujatha's daughter) was there..... It's just half hour drive from Bhuvaneshwari nagar, BirthiMane.
The place has become famous because of Bangalore International Airport (Now called KempeGowda International Airport) and lot of commercial activities coming up.

There are few temples around the village, one of them being VenugopalSwamy Temple, old temple, renovated with granite slabs.
The famous ruler Tipu Sultan was born in Devanahalli in 1750 AD. A signboard and a stone tablet surrounded by fields proclaim the birthplace of Tipu.

Also present is the DEVANAHALLI FORT, build during Vijayanagara period by a feudal lord Malla Baire Gowda of Avati in 1501 AD . The fort remained in the hands of his descendants until the mid seventeenth century. In 1749, the then Dalwai of Mysore, Nanjarajaiah, attacked the fort and occupied it. Later, the fort passed into the hands of Hyder Ali and subsequently Tipu Sultan. In 1791, Lord Cornwallis laid  seize to the fort and took possession during the Mysore War.

The palace once owned by Tipu and Hyder Ali can be seen to this day. The Dewan Purnaiah, a high ranking official during the time of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, also had a haveli here.
Written Saturday 17 January 2015

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