Sunday, January 11, 2015


During our Dubai days, every year we used to celebrate the arrival of new year with family and friends getting together, going out on 31st night, outside the city to a villa or a resort, with 10/12 families, Welcome the New Year, have food, fun, cut cake, games, Eventually after 3 or 4am when every one tired sleep for a while Then get op 6/7 am, again play games outside. Normally we have breakfast and then disperse. One time, we even went to a villa with a swimming pool and the next morning, i,e, 1st January, swimming session for 2/3 hours and then leave. Years pass, some have left, new group formed and the Welcome New Year celebrations continued for some more years. Eventually we were also relocated to Bengaluru in 2010.
Ramakrishna Achar family

Dinesh family

Udaya family
December 2014, we were in in Ooru (Birthi, Salekeri) for attending some function (PANCHA DURGA HOMA) at home and some other functions. Shubha-Raghu, who were on visit from USA, were also in ooru..... proposed to have get-together to welcome 2015 and celebrate HAPPY NEW YEAR at Munduje, near Hiriadaka at Udaya Achar's nice, big house. It;s house like a resort, on the slopes of small hill, house surrounded  by large yard for drying aracnuts.

NewYear Cake

We had dinner with some people about 15 and then Shubha, Raghu, Ramakrishna Achar family joined. There was dance by children, fun, cutting of NEWYEAR cake, and simple game PASSING THE PARCEL. Everyone enjoyed.
Udaya's house
We slept in Udaya's house for the night and next morning, after breakfast, left for Birthi, Salekeri. Since we had Sujatha's car, it was very comfortable to move around.
written on Monday 12 Jan 2015.

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