Saturday, February 7, 2015



SITARA is the daughter of Rajeshwara Holla and Hemalatha, working in Shatjah for many many years. They are very nice couple, helpful and God fearing, participate actively in all social gatherings like Bhajan group, Brahmana Samaja activities. Their daughter Sitara,a lovely girl with a very good behaviour and manners, to get married to Abhinav, from Mangalore, working in USA.
The day was Thursday, 5th February 2015, the wedding was at C V Nayak Hall at Mangalore. Muhurthum 8.30am and the reception at Dr T M A Pai Convention Hall. also at Mangalore at 7pm.

Holla family affectionately invited us with the invitation in November 2014, when we visited Dubai/Sharjah. So it was our predicament to attend the wedding. We left 4th night by Durgamba Bus to Mangalore and reached Padi, Mangalore at 6.30am, where, Mr Subramanya came to pick us and went to his house for freshening up and nice breakfast.  We reached wedding venue by 9am, where we met number of friends from Dubai. Madhu-Pushpa, Sudhaker-Latha, Manohar-Geetha, AV Raos, Jagdish Shetty, Harish Upadhyaya, Ramachandra Udupa and many more. After the second breakfast, we witnessed the wedding procedure on the stage. There was nice saxophone music and little later, Carnatic classical music concert, which did not go well on the wedding atmosphere.
Grand lunch followed at 12.30 pm, again all the ex-Dubai friends had good get-together, enjoying sumptuous lunch with many sweet items and other dishes.

Evening 7.30pm we reached the Mangalore's prestigious reception hall, Dr TMA Pai Convention hall at the city cemtre. Again there was a good and elegant crowd of people and after wishing the newly wedded couple, it was time for buffet dinner with whatever type of dish you wish to relish.


We left at 9.30pm to catch Durgamba multi-axle volvo bus leaving at 9.45pm again to return to Bengaluru.
It was a pleasant trip and feeling happy for attending the wedding and meeting lot of friends and the fellowship,
written Sunday 8th Feb 2015, 5 am


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