Monday, March 2, 2015


It was Sunday March 1, 2015, we all decided to go to Kannada Drama at, Ranga Shankara, J P Nagar, Benagaluru. 7.30 pm show.
We included Nalini, S V Bhat, Asha Bhat, Latha Sudhaker and Shubha Vadya Bhat.
Little bit of synopsis about the play read from the advertisement, but the actual play was something different, what we saw on the stage.
It was more of story of part of Mahabharatha, Kunthi & panch pandavas, focusing on Bheema, who is shown different from others.


Ramayana and Mahabharata are called as the cultural languages of the country. There are numerous indigenous communal and tribal versions of Ramayana and Mahabharata which represents the multifaceted culture of this country. Each version unfolds different wisdom and perception of life before us. Every commentary about Mahabharata gets us the essential commentary on the present. The play is based on the novel ‘Bheemayana’ written by the Jnanapeetha awardee, Shri. M.T. Vasudeva Nayar. This version which reconstructs Mahabharatha through the vision of Bheema tries to create a cultural awareness about the life which is attached to this soil, the way the urban politics creates dissonance, the way township with its mighty palms encompassing the forest. The play discusses about the forgetfulness of our travelled path of our life and denial cruelty of not looking back towards the past simultaneously discussing about the design of racial and communal friction. The theatrical presentation which forces us to look towards the tales of cursed children of Bharata instead of aimless rasasrishti of Bharata’s tale, tries to inculcate stylized theatrical movements as well as political movements in its design.

Rangayana presents M.T. Vasudeva Nayar’s BHEEMAYANA
Stage Adoptation By Dr. Samkutti Pattankari
Translated to Kannada By Dr. Parvathi Ital
Script, Design & Direction By Dr.Shreepad Bhat
Associate Directors : Umesh Saliyana, Ganesh M.
Stage Management : Hulugappa Kattimani
Assistance : N. Yateesh Kollegal
The play shows lot of violent and acrobatic actions, pathos, love affair between Bheema and Hidimbe, and birth of Ghatotgaja and clear and powerful dialogues from most of the actors.
The play starts with Pancha Pandavas going to Maha Prashthana, with Draupadi and finally only Bheema taking care of Draupadi and proceeding to forest, depicted as "KAADINA PUTRA"..........!!!!!!??????
written on Tuesday March3, 2015

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