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Sunday, 26th April 2015
Shringeri is the famous place, where Sharadamba Temple is centre of attraction. This temple and the Goddess radiates lot of energy from within, which attracts lot of visitors throughout the year.
We started of from Udupi at 8 am by with Nalini, Vijaya and Smitha. After having breakfast at Hebri at Badekillayas Hotel, reached Kigga, a small place, which has Rushya Shrangeshwara Temple.
After visiting, we reached Shringeri, a distance of 20 km . Being Sunday and school holidays time, there were lot of visitors. 
The new entrance called GOPURA, is being given final touches and the entrance to the temple is through the side doors. 
The Sharadamba temple in Shringeri was established by Sri Shankaracharya when he established the Sharada Peetham Matha here. It is a beautiful temple, set in the Malnad region. Shringeri is located on the banks of the river Tunga. It is a famous pilgrimage center and very important for the followers of Shankaracharya.
Sri Shankaracharya was travelling across the country with his disciples. when he reached this spot, known as Shringa Giri, because the hill here was the place of the ashram of Vibhandaka Maharishi and his great son Rishyashringa. 
When Sri Shankara came to this place, he saw a strange scene – a cobra had reared up and spread its hood, to provide shade from the hot sun for a spawning toad. He was enchanted by this sight. Saraswathi Devi, who was with him in the form of a young girl named Bharathi, decided to stay here. Adi Shankaracharya also decided to stay here and set up the Shringeri Sharada Peetham, one of the five Mathas he established in various parts of India. It is said he spent twelve years here. 
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