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Sunday 5th April 2015
It was an excellent three hour music program of Late D R Bendre songs, BENDRE BELAGU....... sung by Ramachandra Hadapada and his team, Gargi, Shruthi, Nayana Tara and the accompanying musicians which included Tabla, Rhythm pad, Dholak, Flute, and Keyboard.
The program was organized by Multi-faceted AVIRATHA, Non-Governmental Organization at K H Kala Soudha, Bengaluru at 4pm.

Dattatraya Ramachandra (D.R) Bendre (1896-1981)  is one of the foremost poets not only of Karnataka but of India. This is borne out by his winning the Jnanapith Award  in 1973 which rates as the Noble Prize of India.
Bendre was a profile poet. 1427 poems in all. With him life is not different  from poetry. But he always held life as greater than letters. Much too often life itself unfolds as poetry .A large chunk of his poems springs from real life events. Life offered him more than a fair share of distress and unhappiness. He was without employment for a long stretch. The British Govt. jailed and then kept him under house arrest as they thought his poem Narabali (sacrificing of Humans) an indictment on the British regime in India.
Nayana Krishna, Gargi, Ramachabdra, Shruthi
Bendre believed in the value of an integrated personality but loved to project himself as a threefold being: Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre, the biological self, the dehiProfessor Bendre, the thinking self; and Ambikatanayadatta, the creative self. The three selves were conceived as mutually supporting selves, as the imagery Bendre used to concretise this idea clearly suggests. He spoke of Ambikatanayadatta and Professor Bendre as closely related to each other as the banks of a river or the belly and the back. One could not exist without the other. 
Ramachandra Hadapada and his team of singers have done superb justice to Bendre poems by singing more than 25 songs melodiously with accompanying musicians, termed as KAVYADA NAADA LEELE....
The show was at a ticket price of Rs150.00 and the hall was full with only few seats in the balcony of Kala Soudha.

Written on Tuesday, 7th April 2015

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