Saturday, April 11, 2015


Mysore Govinda Prasad known to us since 1978 when I was working as a teacher in Doma GSS Gombe, Nigeria. He also came to Gombe as Maths Lecturer at Teacher's college and since there were very few Indians, we became close family friends.
He hails from Mysore wher his grandfather was Asthan Vidwan for Maharaja of Mysore .
His wife Nagamani and son Trivikram Prasad (Bachu), he was 13years,
As there were not much of entertainment in that samll place Gombe, we used to have get-together, picnic and travelling our by car for long distances.
in 1964
The saga continued till 1985, when he left for Dubai to work in Our Own English High School.
The very next year, I also got the job to teach Physics in the same school and our fellowship continued. We used to go for outings, picnics and often get-togethers continued. He became Supervisor in the school and then later shifted to corporate office.
Due to Nagamani Prasad's health issues, In 2002, he relocated himself with his wife to Bangalore and and his son Bachu was married and had twin girls, also settled in Bangalore.
Mr Prasad is a jovial person and he always has a humourous angle for any issue. He passed his Sanskrit highest exam at the age of 75 years and also took part in 10 km marathaon.
I was also relocated to Brngaluru in the year 2010, when we could continue our fellowhip and seeing each other often.

on 7th April 2015 at Bengaluru
It's now April 2015, he decided to relocate again to Mysuru, with his wife, where he feels it is  more comfortable than Bengaluru.
We wish him happy, healthy and peaceful life in the years to come.
written Saturday, 11th April 2015

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