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Sunday, 26th April 2015

A beautiful waterfalls near Shringeri has lot of potential for tourist attractions. It's fresh water falling from the rocks, amongst natural surroundings. Five km road from Kigga is not so good, but motorable. One has to walk down about 80 steps to reach the falls. There are changing rooms and one can walk down under the falls and enjoy.
We had to come up after 45minutes at the falls, as it started raining heavily and the steps were slippery to come up. There were lot of tourists, young and old.

Sirimane Falls is located at a distance of 5 km from Kigga near Sringeri, a popular pilgrim center.
Kigga, a small village which houses to beautiful waterfalls. Kigga is about 16 kms from Sringeri. Water from falls feeds coffee estates and paddy fields in the downstream. A moderate entry fee is collected to maintain the walkways and viewpoints. The money collected also supports a small hydraulic power plant which is built adjacent to falls which lights Kigga houses. The entire activity is controlled and maintained by local bodies.
The place is in the process of improving for attraction of tourists.
written Thursday, 30 April 2015

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