Monday, May 25, 2015


Maiyas sponsored Yakshagana called  SU-DARSHANA YASKHAGANA was organized on Sunday, 24th May 2015 from 10am to 9 pm. Since it was 5th year running, it was named as PANCHAMADA INCHARA, five different Yakshagana Prasanga, two hours each,  by fanous Yakshagana Kalavidaru.
the program started with Deepanjali at 10 am.
The five PRASANGA presented were:
1.  Satyabhama - by Thenku Thittu.
2. Urvashi-IndraNadana - Neelkodu Shankara Hegade, Sudheendra Holla, Janardhana Hande and others.
3, Subhadra- Arjuna - Sujayeendra Hande, Mantapa Prabhakar Upadhya and others
4. Mandodhari-Dashanana : KondadhaKuli RamachandraHegade, and others.
5. VijayaShri PanchaPandava: Vidyadhara Jalavalli and others.
Apart from the above, there was SIMHA NRUTYA by Dhareshwara Mohana Hasyagara.



ORGANIZERS WITH Mr & Mrs Sadananda Maiya
All the presentations were excellent, costumes, dances, singing and dialogues. Stories from MahaBharatha or Ramayana were nicely narrated, some of the dialogues even applies today.
Janardhana Hande and team worked hard and put up an excellent free show with lunch, tea and dinner. Thanks to Dr P SadanadaMaiya for his keen interest and support for Yakshagana.

written Tuesday 26th May 2015

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