Tuesday, July 7, 2015


The famous 'Ratnana Padagalu' by Late Sri G.P.Rajratnam , poet and litereary person of yester years offer an unique background to this play. The characters and situation flow from the poetry. Ratna, a lowly labourer finds true love in Nanji. Their pristine love blooms amidst dull dreary humdrum existence. Ratna, an optimist, finds magical romance even in his hand to mouth existence. Life is a 'song' for him to be enjoyed to the maximum.
Nanji is his counterfoil, lovingly managing the house with his meager income. Ratna, his friends and their daily escapades in the local bar lead to several delightful situations. Ratna seems to have a song for every occasion. His wit and humor get him out of all difficulties.
Late C R Simha diercted the play, written all the necessary dialogues,  costumes, lighting, stage  decor, props etc, before he died in Feb 2014. 

His son, Ritwik Sinha, took up work left behind by C R Simha, presented the play on Tuesday, 7th July 2015, at 7.00pm at ADA Kalamandira, NammaBengaluru.

Scenes from the play

The artists
The play has lot of songs sung by Late Raju Ananthaswamy, young singer and composer, who passed away at an early age. His recorded songs forms many scenes for dances and dialogues.
Ritiwik Simha, apparently put in lot of efforts to present songs and lyrics with lot of people, ladies and gents on stage, with typical village dialogues and humour. 
The play runs about 105 minutes, with an interval, which is not necessary, as the drama enthisiasts want continuous run. Since it was the first presentation, I am sure, there will be lot of improvement in the subsequent presentations.
written Wednesday, 8th July 2015


  1. Did you enjoy the play? What improvements would you think they should consider?

  2. Play is OK..... Nothing extra-ordinary.....

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