Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TAALA MADDALE (ತಾಳ ಮದ್ದಳೆ)

July 19, 2015..... Bengaluru
I had an wonderful opportunity to witness a lively "TALA MADDALE" session of one and a half hours at Kannada Sahitya Parishat, Bengaluru. It was part of Birth Centenary Celebrations of Late KSN Adiga, former Chairman of Karnataka Bank.
Taala maddale is the ancient art form, popular in coastal Karnataka and Malnad area. It's derived from "Yakshagaana", a classical dance and musical form of art. It's typical stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata or puranas, presented without dance and costumes.
A typical TAALA MADDALE session consists of veteran artists, well versed in epics and puranas, sitting on the stage. The Bhagavataru, singer with TAALA (a pair of small hand cymbals) and a mridangist, with a MADDALE (a pecussion instrument - type of drum) sings stanzas from selected stories in a melodious fashion and artists play the roles of characters and enter into dialogues.
The story presented on the day was "Shara Sethu Bandha" (SriRamachandra Darshana), a tale from from "yuga sandhi", time when Tretha yuga changes to Dwapara Yuga. Arjuna from Pandavas goes on pilgrimage, meets Hanumantha (SriRama devotee) on the sands of Rameshwara.
They find out about each other, and Arjuna contests with why SriRama, being Godly, could not build the bridge across Bharatha and LankaDweepa, with his powers. Arjuna boasts saying, he could do it with arrows in the air, three times, which was broken by Hanumantha effortlessly by his legs all three times. Arjuna offended by the challenge, decides to kill himself, when SriKrishana/SriRamachandra appears in the form of a Brahmana, resolves the issue and both feel blessed by "SriRamachandra Darshana".
The artists did an excellent job, adding sattire, humour, insult and anger in their presentation. The story was presented by S S Pampaje, from Karnataka Samskritika Kala Pratishtana, who took the role of Arjuna. The character "Hanumantha" also did a wonderful job, as they are veterans.
written Wednesday 22nd July 2015

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