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August 8, 2015, Saturday

On the Check-Dam
We planned our visit to Balamuri Falls on the way to Mysuru on Saturday, 8th August.
We reached around 2.30pm, after taking right turn at Srirangapatna. After turning of from Bangalore-Mysore road, the place is about 15 km, not on a good road. Lot of people visit the place.
It's nice place for a day's outing. spend time in the falling water. Though there is a board saying "no swimming and walking on the dam". but people don't bother and almost everybody walks on the dam many swim and enjoy in the water.

Enjoying in the waterfalls

Balmuri Falls is a man-made beauty. The waterfall is caused by a check dam that exists over the Cauvery River. As the river takes a right turn near the site where the waterfall exists, it is called Balmuri. In the Kannada language Bala means ‘right’ and Muri means ‘curve’.
The check dam has been constructed across the river to act as a wall that tries to stop the flow of water. This is done to hold the water of the Cauvery River in order to feed the many irrigation canals that flow out of this location. When the check dam becomes filled with water to the brim, the water overflows to from a long and wonderful cascade.
There is also TEPPA, round boat in which 8 people can sit and a man rows it for about 15 min in the reservoir and charges Rs 50 per person.

TEPPA...... boat ride...
The check dam has a total length of 1.6 km. At a particular spot the check dam has a step with a height of about 6 feet. When the water falls over this area it resembles a mini waterfall. In light of such facts Balmuri is not a conventional waterfall and the gushing down of water found in natural waterfalls is missing at this place.
written Tuesday 11th August 2015

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