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Sunday September 6, 2015

In memory of "RangaKarmi'S" (Senior Drama Artists) Honna Shamaiyya and Actor KariBasavayya, DESI artists organized "DesiRangotsava2015"  on Sunday, 6th September 2015 at Ravindra Kalakshetra.

The program was from 9am to 9pm, consisting of three dramas, RangaGeethe, DasaraPada, FolkSongs and Felicitations.
We went only at 3pm to see the ambiance and atmosphere, when the mythological drama "KRISHNA SANDHANA" was in progress. It's story from MahaBharatha, where SriKrishna is going to Kaurava's durbar, mediating to avert the war between Kauravas and Pandavas.


The play is full of songs, heavy music and shining costumes, matching with Kings and Royalties. The dialogues are massive and most of the songs are sung the actors on the stage. It is terrific amount of practice, perseverance and tenacity. Each one of them, DuryoDhana, Karna, Draupadi ,Shakuni, Vidura or SriKrishna..... were performing well.

The drama is could be very well enjoyed by the village crowd, when they sit and watch for 5-6 hours, appreciating the music, songs and kannada dialogues.

We watched for about two hours and left from the place.

I would like to appreciate the effort and interest by the "ChitraBimba" artists.

written Tuesday 08September2015

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