Saturday, September 12, 2015


Saturday 12th September 2015

Suresh Cukkemane, Usha from Mysuru, and ourselves set of to see Nandi hills and around at 10 am. 

a distance of about 65 km from Bangalore, on the way to Hyderabad National Highway (NH7).
Nandi Hills or Nandidurg or Nandi Betta is an ancient hill fortress of situated in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. This is a group of hills that lies at an average elevation of about 1,478 meters (4,851 feet) above the sea level.

We stopped near DevanaHalli to see the Jain Temple construction going on and went up the hill, which in not a road, but a track. Huge Jain Thirkankar's temple in the process of construction and few buildings around. It is on the top of the hill and a pleasant wind blowing was sooper.
From there, we proceeded to Nandi Grama, half hour drive and reached BhogaNarasimha Temple at the foot of NandiHills.

The Nandi BhogaNarasimha Temple in the village at the bottom of the hills was built by the Banas who ruled this region in the Ninth Century. This temple is an amalgam of different styles of temple building, because it was renovated by various dynasties that ruled this place.
The place is huge, twin temples, completely out of stone structure, believed to be 1300 years old. The pillars have carvings, beautiful water tank with steps all around and out side the temple, huge garden area, surrounded by veranda. It reminds of the golden era when celebrations, festivals must have going on for years. But now, abandoned and neglected.

After spending an hour, further drive of half hour, we went up the hills, a tourist spot and there is an ancient temple of Yoga Nandeeswara, stone structure,  atop the hill. A fort was built during the period by the chieftains  of Chikkaballapur.  It was strengthened by Tippu Sultan. This fort was considered impregnable, it covers a vast area of 90 acres and soldiers could shoot from all directions without being seen and there is the famous “Tipu Drop”  a 600 metre cliff with a huge rock landing after the drop. Prisoners and convicts during Tipu’s reign were pushed off this cliff.
We spent about an hour and 3pm, feeling hungry, drove down the hill and had nice lunch at NandiUpahar, new hotel, presently clean and neat and serving delicious food.
We were back home BirthMane by 5pm, when UshaSuresh left for Mysuru.
written Sunday 13Sept2015

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