Monday, October 19, 2015


Navratri get-together for lunch at BirthiMane, BhuvaneshwariNagar, NammaBengaluru happened on Saturday, 17th Oct 2015.

RaVidya, AshaRamesh

It's mostly close relations, family, children grown big, some married but childhood days still lingered.
Rishi, RaVidya, SandhyaSadaram, UshaSuresh, AshaRamesh, TaraSridhar, BharthiSridhar, DoddappaDoddamma, VibhaVijetha, Anisha, Niranjan and ParimalGururaj with children.
Delicious food was prepared by Mom and everyone enjoyed and very little was left for tail enders.
There was MysorePak, IceCream, chitranna nd much more.....
with BharathiSridhar

with ParimalaGururaj

with AshaRamesh

with TaraSridhar

with UshaSuresh, Vidya

with Doddamma
On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, ladies received HaldiKumkum and gift from Mom and it was for SARVE JANAH SUKHINO BHAVANTHU.....
written Tuesday 20thOct2015

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