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Sunday, 22nd November2015

Kannada Rajyotsava is celebrated all over the world by Kannada speaking people, to mark the beginning of Liguistic States formed in India on November01, 1956.  Since that time, in month of November, RAJYOTSAVA is celenrated.
In Dubai, we used to celebrate by KarnatakaSangha, Dubai celebrate every year and also in AbuDhabi.
Sivarama Karantha Vedike, RT Nagar, Bengaluru, organizes a program every month and this month program is to celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava2015.
Dr (Prof) DoddaRange Gowda, distinguished literary person, inaugurated the function and spoke forty minutes on various issues. Kannada Language was there in Egyptian mummies and so many eminent personalities we had in Kannada. Unfortunately, he expressed his concern in the way in which we Kannadigas are looking at the language and supporting it. He condemned the other languages love of Kannadigas and urged all to use, talk and spread Kannada. In Bengaluru, only 21% of people speak kannada due to kindheartedness, which is a very sad situation.

Sri Sha Mum KrishnaRao
Smt. Susheelamma
Sri Pa.ChandraShekar Chadaga
Shri Sha. Mum. KrishnaRao, another literary person, spoke at length, about the present state of affairs due to negligence of Government and their attitude. No one is bothered, politicians are busy infighting, no concern and no values for distinguished personalities. However, he is of the belief that Kannada, being an ancient language, will survive, and need the support of all.
Smt. Susheelamma, Head of Sumangali SevaAshram, RT Nagar, expressed her concern and anguish about the present state of affairs and urged every kannadiga  do his best to teach Kannada to non-Kannadigas in the state.
The President of ShivaramaKarantha Vedike, Sri. Pa.ChandraShekar Chadaga in his usual style enumerated the importance of Rajyotsava and present scenario.
There was Sugama sangeetha Program by Shri Ramani Sundaresan and Dance Drama by Smt Padma VijayaKumar and the team.

written Tuesday 24Nov2015

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