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Wednesday 18thNovember2015

"OMKARA" front view

It is occasion of house warming or GruhaPravesha of newly built Commercial/Residential building of SatishaRao, younger brother of NaliniSomayaji at Hunsur, 40Km from Mysuru.
We left from Bengaluru on 17thNovember in the morning, had tyre puncture in BhuvaneshwariNagar itself, replaced it proceeded and after repairing at a puncture shop, continued our journey further.
Reached Maddur at 1pm and lunch at Adigas Hotel, reached UshaSuresh's house at Mysuru at 3 pm.
After resting for a while went to visit Prasads with Sureshs and stayed for an hour and returned.
Reached Hunsur at 8pm when the house warming poojas were in progress. After mangalarathi, dinner was arranged at Raghavendra Mutt hall. Then slept in the new house itself.

Morning after GanaHoma, GruhaPravesha heavy breakfast was arranged.

Rituals of GruhaPravesha: TulasiPooja, Govina(Cow)Pooja, DwaraPooja, The lady of the house enters with right leg, spilling a measure of rice in to the house, then relative enter with craddle with baby, God's idol, water in a container(Bindige) and other rquired items to the house. After which, milk is boiled in the kitchen by the owner's wife (Satisha's wife Malathi)


After SatyaNarayana Pooja at the new house, grand lunch was arranged.

Left Hunsur by 3pm, stopped over at Kengeri for half hour, and reached BirthiMane @BhuvaneshwariNagar at NammaBengaluru.

Written Saturday 21Nov2015

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