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Sunday, 29November2015
It was Rishikanth, planned a Sunday trip to GudiBande, with his friends Suraj, Abhishek, Gaurav and Bidisha and we (me and Nalini) happily joined them though we were not in their age group. They also didn't feel that way and it was a nice group.
We started off from BirthiMane, BhavaneshwariNagar, Benagluru at 9.30am with my car and two bikes. Guys came home as early as 9am. We took Hyderabad expressway NH7 towards
KempeGowda International Airport, drove up to ParaSandra a distance of 85 km and took a left turn to reach GudiBande, small town, a distance 13 km from the highway, on a fairly good road.
Gudibande is a small Panchayat town in ChikkaBallapur District of Karnataka.

The fort is almost in the middle of the town and we reached the foot of the fort by 11.30am, parked the vehicles and started the climb.

The Fort is believed to built by local Chieftain ByreGowda, some 400 years ago, but it looks much more older than that. The fort has seven levels of inter connecting escape routes which would help the help the soldiers to flee in case of emergency.

On the top of the fort, a Shiva temple, believed to be one of 106 Jyotirlinagas, The strong pillar with a square base has well sculpted images.

We can also have beautiful view of ByraSagara reservoir.
The main feature of the fort is rain water harvesting and it is said to be there are about 19 water ponds at different levels of the fort.
The climbing up was not an easy task, but well laid steps and  place to sit and relax before proceeding further. We had to pass through rocky stretch, steep climb at times. I think it has more 2000 steps before we reached the top, to Shiva temple and to view from the top of the fort. It is great sense of achievement when we pass through tough uphill task.

Spent about hald hour on the top and coming down was easy task and we bottom of the fort by 2 pm.
The GudiBande town has no good restaurants, as we could find out and we had some bananas and oranges for lunch and proceeded towards another hill, AvalaBetta.
written Tuesday 01December2015

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