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Saturday 5thDecember2015

Kadalekai Parishe, annual groundnut festival is held near DoddaGanesha, BasvanaGudi, NammaBengaluru, on last monday of Karhtika maasa. The fair starts from the previous day with people thronging to the stalls buying and selling various types of groundnuts.The farmers from neighbouring states also brings their produce to the market,
Nalini and VeenaRajkumar

The story is that in olden days, the farmers were worried that their crop was being devoured in the night by some. To find out, one of the farmers went in KarthikaMasa night, pitch dark. He found out that the culprit was none other than Lord Shiva's abode, Nandi (Basava). Since then farmers collectively pledged their first crop to LordBasava.

Another story is that founder of Bangalore, KempeGowda prayed for the welfare of the farmers at the temple and built big bull temple  and hence area is BasavanaGudi.

Apart from groundnuts, there are lot of others items on sale at the festival. Eating outlets, cgildren play area, household items, decorative pieces, fancy items, toys etc.

For people it is Jhaatre..... Festival atmosphere,

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