Friday, December 25, 2015

MohanVeena-Violin JugalBandhi

Friday, 25th December 2015
A mesmerizing music concert was held at the premises of ShriRama MahaPattabhisheka at Shringeri Mutt, ShankaraPura, NammaBengaluru. It's JugalBandhi by Pandit VishwaMohan Bhat on MohanVeena and Vidwan H K Venkatram on violin, ably supported by Vidwan Trichi Harikumar on Mridanga and Pandit RamKumar Mishra on Tabla.
Pandit VishwaMohan Bhat
Pandit RamKumar Mishra
Vidwan H K Venkatram
The concert began with raag HamsaDhwani on violin by Venkatram with accompanying mridanga and continued with raag Raageshwari by Pt.VishwaMohan Bhat with accompanying Tabla.
The tempo was superb and soothing,
The concert ended with an excellent presentation of "Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram"  with all the four artists joining in to add to melody and rhythm and it was high energy climax.
As the compare of the event remarked, if any one has any kind of depression, he would have been completely cured by listening to the fantastic concert.

"RaghupathiRaghava Rajaram...."

"HamsaDhvani, Rageshwari...."
written Saturday 26 December 2015

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