Tuesday, December 22, 2015


A 25-days program from 14December2015 to 7January2016 is organized to celebrate "ShriRama Maha Pattabhisheka" at Shringeri Mutt, ShankaraPuram, NammaBengaluru.

It's massive effort by the organizers to attract people and celebrate Sanatana Dhrama, Yugapurusha ShriRamachandra and his ideals.

It was on Saturday 19December, sixth day of the program we went to see the place. As it was after 2pm, there was huge line of people for receiving prasad(lunch mixed rice, plane rice sambar, sweet and butter milk). The whole arrangement was well organized, no rush or push, food is not wasted and enough food for all.
After that we went around to see the "Paaduka Mandira" where footsteps of famous saints and seers. past and present were displayed with their photos.

In a auditorium, a group was singing bhajans on the stage.  There were lot stalls for various merchandise for people to see and buy, like a festival (Jaatre).
Next to that there is a huge, massive temporary hall for cultural program in the evening, with display of different idols of Gods as exhibits. A brochure available for everyday's programs by famous and celebrity people including Pravin Godkhindi, VidyaBhushan, Pandit VishwaMohanBhat, DanceDrama, YakshaGana etc.
Once again hats off to organizers to arrange such a large program.
written Wednesday 23December2015

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