Sunday, January 3, 2016

ASHTAVADHANA - Shatavadhani R Ganesh

Sunday 3rdJanuary2016

It was a beautiful morning of Sunday of NewYear2016 and when we reached the auditorium at 10am, MangalaMantapa of RMKRV  College at Jayanagara, NammaBengaluru, it was already full.
Shatavadhani R Ganesh was to conduct ASHTAVADHANA  based on works of Dr SL Bhairappa's.

audience in the hall


The program was organized by Dr SLBhairappa's Kadambari PriyaraKoota on FaceBook, which has more than 10000 members from all over the world.
Avadhana is discussion and deliberations on a topic by Avadhani and questions asked by eight people called "Praschkas".
The program started 15 minutes late with Shashank Parashar calling Shatavadhani R Ganesh and Prachakas on stage.
Shatavadhani Ganesh introduced all the praschakas with detailed information about their career, hobbies and special ability.
It is amazing to see how "Vidvaamsa" (Knowledgeable) Ganesh elaborating on each point raised by the praschakas and giving a fitting and sometimes humorous reply, making the audience into laughter.
Udayavani 4/1/2016, page 4
SriRaghavendra Hegade on ChitraPrajne, made four drawing/painting on Yana, VamshaVruksha, Bitthi and NaayiNeralu (shadow play) all were aptly elaborated by Ganesh with quotes and references
"Aprasthuta Prasangi" (Diverting and distracting the attention) SomaShekaraSharma also did a wonderful job by asking questions relevant to  Dr SL Bhairappa's novels.
Q: What is the punishment for those who do not read Bhairappa's novels?
A: That's the punishment.
Q: Why not "JnanaPeetha" Award for Dr S L Bhairappa?
A: In the past many knowledgeable people(Jnani) have not got the award and people with poor knowledge (Ajnani) also got the award. "Peetha" can be taken but not "Jnana"
Dr S L Bhairappa
UshaHande and Nalini in the crowd
RanganathPrasad on "SankhyaBandha" (Suduku) also interestingly asking numbers related to Bhairappa's novel  and Shatavadhani has perfectly completed it.
Dr S L Bhairappa himself present throughout the program and presented the citation to all participants.
It was a memorable program with lot of information to improve the knowledge.

written Monday 4Januaru2016


  1. Woow - that's a lot of people! Glad it was great fun.

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