Tuesday, January 12, 2016


It was on Sunday evening 10th January 2016 on our way back from J P Nagar, we stopped over near SajjanRao Circle, VV Puram, NammaBengaluru to see how the AvareKai Mela looks like. It is one small street, with hundreds of stalls selling food delicacies and people, people and people. Hardly any walking space, people pushing to find way. In between, a cow also walking freely, pushing people. We didn't see much of avarekai sellers, but food stalls everywhere.

Welcome to Flat beans fare, locally known as Avarekai Mela - 2016. Old Bengaluru welcomes the harvest of the bean with the Avarekai Mela in the Winter season. 12 Day mela has begun from 7 Jan will go up to 24th Jan. Organized by Sri Vasavi Condiments, farmers from Magadi taluk have put up snack stalls at Sajjan Rao Circle, V V Puram. Enter the food street, dozens of delicacies waiting to be munched. Burp!

The Avarekai Mela held at Sajjan Rao Circle in V.V. Puram is an annual event, where farmers from rural districts around Bangalore bring their produce, the ‘avarekai’ (a kind of beans), for purchase by households, wholesalers and retailers in the city. Food stalls nearby also sell special avarekai fare.

Written, Wednesday 14th January 2016

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