Friday, January 8, 2016


Wednesday 30December2015
Nalini, Navya, Neha

Somayaji,SudhakarK, SatishHande
Mandarthi is about 12 km from Brahmavar and the house of Vishwanatha Udupa is a familiar place for us. His son Ramachandra Udupa is known to us for 25yrs, since the time he came work in Dubai.
After his marriage, he with his wife, Rajani has been close family friends and we have seen their children grow since they are born, His brother, sisters UshaSatishHande and Prabha are very closely known to us.
Ramachandra Udupa is now working at Muscat and came on holidays as he planned to HomaShanthi or SandhiShanthi, so we were there  for grand lunch
Rajani, Nalini , Ruchira
It was more of family get-together and grand lunch. About 100 people were for oota.
After lunch, coffee we left with SudhakarSumangali to Brahmavar.
written Friday January8,2016

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