Sunday, January 24, 2016


Sunday 24th January 2016

It was the occasion of book release of "Bharatiya KshatraParampare", by Shatavadhani R Ganesh, published by Rashtrothana Sahitya Bhandara, at NMKRV College, JayaNagara, NammaBengaluru.
We reached there by 10.15am and all the dignitaries reached before 10.30am, when the program was schedule to start.
with Shatavadhani Dr R Ganesh

with Dr S L Byrappa
Dr R Ganesh was already there, and celebrated author Dr S L Byrappa arrived few minutes before 10.30am
After the invocation and prayer to Netaji SubhasChandra Bose, whose birth anniversary, was remembered. Dr S L RamaSwamy, from Rashtrothana Sahitya Bhandara welcomed the distinguished persons on the stage, with the history of Kshatriyas for early vedic times.

Mr Vasuki, spoke in length about the book and the effort and time spent by Dr R Ganesh, writing such an authentic book and commended the effort and knowledge.
Mr Ashok Kumar, retired Police Commissioner from Kodagu, spoke about his experiences about the police service and the military adventures of Coorg people like Gen Kariappa and Gen. Thimmaih.
Dr S L Byrappa spoke and commended work of Dr R Ganesh.
It was a good gathering of interested people and the program concluded by 1.30pm
written on Monday 25th January 2016