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Tuesday, 28th December 2015

Nalini. her sister Vijaya and two lady friends Malini and NaliniBhat left from Kadiyali, Udupi at 9.30am by car and reached Mulki along National Highway. From there took left turn towards Kateel. From there it is 5km, though we went in a kachcha road and reached by 12noon.
Entrance to the cave

Entrance to the Temple
Nellitheertha Cave Temple in NelliThirtha near Kateelu in Karnataka is dedicated to the Indian deity SriSomatheshwara or Shiva.The temple dates back to at least 1487 CE.To the right of the temple is a natural cave, about 200 metres (660 ft) long. Access is restricted, forcing visitors to crawl in on their knees. Inside, there is a lake and a Shiva Linga
It is believed that the cave in Nellitheertha was used by Sage Jabali to perform a penance to appease Goddess DurgaParameshwari. Goddess Durga appeared in front of sage Jabali and assured him that she will kill the demon Arunasura. She later took the shape of wasp and killed Arunasura on the banks of RiverNandini in Kateel. At this place today, beautiful, famous temple of Goddess DurgaParameshwari
To visit the cave, there are restrictions like one has to take bath is the pond behind the temple, have to come in wet clothes, walk down the cave and crawl about 200 metres. The guide come with a wick lamp as it is completely dark. The cave is open to public only six months in a year.

Kateel DurgaParameshwari Temple
We had lunch (prasad) after the pooja at the temple, visited the Kateel Temple and reached back to Udupi by 5pm
It was a nice religious visit to one of the old temples in Dakshnina Kannada.
written Thursday 07January2016

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