Sunday, January 31, 2016


Saturday 30th January 2016

It was saturday evening at OrionMall, Bengaluru and open air stage was set for music program titled "SoulFul Rhythms".

Dr SumaSudhindra and accompanying artists
It was one hour program each from Dr Suma Sudhindra on RudraVenna accompanied by Sitar, Mridanga, Tabla and Pakhwaj, Pandit Prabhakar Karekar with BhakthiRasa, vocalist on devotional music and Pandit VishwaMohan Bhatt on MohanVeena.

Pandit Prabhakar Karekar and team
The mood, ambiance and the weather was excellent and there vacant chairs to sit comfortably to enjoy the music.

Pandit VishwaMohan Bhatt
Vaishava Janatho Thene Kahiye...... Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram..... tunes were played nicely by Dr Suma SumaSudhindra and Pandit VishwaMohan Bhat.....
It was an evening well spent.
written Monday 1/2/2016

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