Monday, February 22, 2016


17-18 February 2016

It's the annual festival at Salekeri, which is mostly two days celebrations brings native of the place from different places. It's also to seek blessings from Shri DurgaParameshwari & VeeraBhadra Temple and socialization and meeting people.

The first day is ChandikaHoma for DurgaParameshwari seeking blessings for well being, health, wealth and prosperity for the families and society in general. Coconuts, Bananas, silk saree, blouse pieces, flowers and ghee are offered in plenty to Goddess Durgi. Grand lunch follows for all those who are present.

Evening is procession of deity up to BadaSalekeri and there pooja and seva from various groups and on the return, deity is topped for aarti from every house and oiled towel is burnt as part of offering.

Next day is for TulaBhara , pooja and Rathotsava in place of Darshanapatri and DhakkeBali.

Lots of merchandise, shops, food stalls are place for people to spend and enjoy.
We were there reaching Wednesday morning and left Thursday night back to Bengaluru, in Durgamaba Sleeper bus reaching home at 5.30am
written Monday 22/2/2016

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