Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Sunday 31st January 2016
Honouring the donor
Shivalli Smartha Brahmana MahaParishat, Bengaluru organized inauguration of New building  "Shivalli Smartha Bhavana", at ChikkaBasthi, NammaBengaluru. on Sunday 31st Jan 2016.
The program included cultural items, Annual General Body meeting and YakshGana, by Prakash Ullura and the team.
Felicitations of donors, honouring talented  students and scholarship to deserving students. Grand lunch was also arranged for all those were present, about 1500 people.


Jaambavantha, Jamabavathi and Krishna
Jhalak - Jambavathi Kalyana

At 3.00pm YakshaGana, story of "Jambavathi Kalyana" was staged by the talented artists, coordinated by Shri Prakash Ullura and it was a 2 hour excellent show with Sujayeendra Hande from Kota in the lead role of Jambavantha. The dance, costume, bhagavatharu and the dialogues of artists were all very good. We were lucky to witness such grand and short Yakshagana.
written Tuesday 2/2/2016

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